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Rebecca 'Bec' Clohesy is the founding director of Swan Hill Kids Therapy. In the past she has coached other Occupational Therapists through their paediatric clinical work and setting up private practices. More recently Bec presented a webinar on how to engage children within the Telehealth service delivery to support therapists during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Bec's vision is to support other allied health professionals and students in feeling confident and capable in what they are doing within the paediatric field of work. For therapists and students to feel that they have the ability to facilitate positive change within themselves, their teams and the families that they work with. To continue to build on their own skill assets to empower families. 

We understand that working within the paediatric field has its challenges, you are not alone in feeling this. There can be so much to navigate through and without receiving regular support it can be extremely overwhelming. This mentoring program Bec has created will help many like-minded allied health professionals develop not only professionally but on a personal level as well. 

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