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Learn the numeral, word, symbolic representation and rhyme to form the numeral for numbers 1 to 10. Use with washable textas. Wipes clean with a baby wipe or damp towel.


  • ​​​​​​​Stock: Letter Basics are printed onto a unique waterproof ­plastic stock that is more durable than laminated paper and will last much longer
  • To be used with: Non-toxic, washable markers (not whiteboard markers as they may react with the ink)
  • Wipe clean with: Damp cloth or baby wipe.
  • Fonts: Victorian Modern Cursive, NSW Foundation, SA Beginners
  • Complies with the new Australian national curriculum
  • Designed by: Tash Kritter, B. Ed. Kindy – Year 7, CEO Little Wooden Toybox
  • Printed in: Perth, Western Australia

Number Chart

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