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  • Squeeze to open & feed buttons

  • Develop hand strength & fine motor skills

  • Shapes & sizes (small & large): rectangle, square, circle, triangle

  • Colours: red, green, yellow & blue

  • Alphabet: a-z, Numbers: 0-9

  • Re-usable Storage Tin


This is the Ultimate Mrs Muncher™ that has been custom designed to help children develop their fine motor skills & finger strength, while making it fun and entertaining.  There are many additional benefits which add colour, numbers, letter, shapes and extra fun into every activity!

You squeeze  Mrs Muncher™ mouth, and feed her the ‘buttons’.  But don’t worry if she’s hungry, as we provide you with plenty of ‘buttons’:

– Large & Small Sizes

– Square, Rectangle, Circle & Triangle

– Alphabet (A-Z) & Numbers 0-9

– Colours Red, Blue, Yellow & Green

TOTAL : 36 pcs


Size: 9cm (dia.) x 9.5cm (H)

Weight: 140g


The games you can create with Mrs Muncher™ are only limited by your imagination.

We have been testing this product for over 12 months before releasing it, to ensure the absolute best product for your child.  The ‘buttons’ are made of PLA (Plastic) which is an organic, bio-degradeable plastic made of sugar cane / corn starch.  The googly eyes add extra fun to the experience, as they bobble around, and your child is not only having fun, they are learning all the while developing those fundamental skills to life such as grip strength for writing and performing daily tasks.


Every child that is progressing into kindergarten or primary school should have a Mrs Muncher™ at home, as well as educators and professional’s looking for that key element to help that child that really needs something special to keep them engaged and performing the activity.


** WARNING ** CHOKING HAZARD – This product contains small parts, and is strictly only to be used under adult supervision, and is not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

William Ready Mrs Muncher

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