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A classic game for generations and possibly the best dice game ever! These pigs are truly addictive!


Warning! Too much 'Pigging Out' can seriously damage your weath!


Will you roll a sider or start makin bacon? this game, in its elegant silver-coloured case, remains an all time classic to be played anywhere, by anyone. Using the two little pigs as dice, your objective is to store 100 points before your friends do. How those little porkers land determines the points you score. Roll a Double Snouter and score 40 points. Roll a trotter get another 5 points and you’re well on the way to 100. But, do you bank those points or risk rolling again? Roll a Pig Out and you lose all your points for that turn.


A roll makin' bacon and you lose all your accumulated poitns. You’ll need hog-sized helpings of luck and nerve if you’re going to get your snout in the trough... These pigs are truly addictive--a classic game for generations.

Pass the Pigs Original Edition Game

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