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Are you concerned about the increasing number of children with attention and learning difficulties you are seeing in your classrooms? We provide an engaging and practical approach that helps teachers understand the cause of these difficulties and provide the tools to improve students behaviours and attention to maximise learning outcomes and create a calm and productive environment. 

We also specialise in: 

  • Creating sensory based and developmentally appropriate play

  • How to nurture a child's mental health

  • Ideas for sibling co-operation and play

  • Strategies to promote independence with self-care skills i.e. toileting, dressing, eating

  • Strategies for a health sleep pattern in your household

  • Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Understanding handwriting development

1hr to full day packages available. Starting at $450 + Travel.

To enquire about having us speak to your teachers, education support staff or parents email


Sharing our knowledge with school staff about the foundations of a child’s brain and body development gives staff the skills they need to better understand children’s behaviour and how best to support their learning in the classroom. Knowledge is power, and that's why when you know better you do better.


  • 1hr education sessions starting at $450 + Travel

  • 1/2 day services $800 + Travel

  • Full day services $1200 + Travel

  • Full OT Assessments and Reports $450 per student + Travel


OT Assessments

  • Full OT Assessment and Report $600 - $770

Clinic Based Therapy

  • NDIS & FaHCSIA - $193/45 mins of therapy, 15 mins follow up.

  • Standard Private - $180/45 mins of therapy, $120/30 mins.

  • Facilitation of Therapy Program (developed by OT) with Allied Health Assistance - $86/60 mins

​Extra charges are incurred for school or home visits.

Missed appointments or less than 24 hours notice of a cancellation will incur a minimum fee of $50/session.


Click here to find out what group programs are currently on offer... 

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