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Our Theraputty is ideal for developing hand-muscle strength and increasing endurance. Comes in 85gm tubs. Our putty is non-oily, un-scented and non toxic.

Activities to do with Theraputty include:

  • Stretch the Theraputty out and hide coins or small objects in it. Then roll it up into a ball. Have the child pull the putty apart and find all the objects you put in there.
  • Roll the putty out into a long thin snake. Have the child use their index finger to flatten the snake all along its body. Then, using their pincer grip (index finger to thumb) have them squeeze the putty back up. I should now look like a spiky dinosaur!
  • Holding the putty in one hand, have the child pinch pieces of the putty off at a time with each finger opposing the thumb to assist in hand and finger strengthening. 

Theraputty - Medium (Green) Quality Grade 85g

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