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  • Easy to Install : Suits a wide range of chairs, just lift the front to legs, and stretch it over.  Simple!
  • Bounce & Move: Allows movement while seated, to improve concentration or provide feedback
  • Travel Buddy: Take it away on holidays, school camp or friends houses.  Its so simple to use!


The William Ready Sensory Foot Bands have been specially chosen to suit the home, pre-school or early primary school environments.  The stretch, elasticity and size have all been carefully selected to ensure just the right feel for your child or student, and give them just the right feedback to enable an amount of stimulation without being too difficult or too easy to bounce.


Attaching the bands is very easy, just lift up the two front legs of the chair, slide the band into place.  You may need to make some adjustment, so you get the height of the band just right for each child, so they don’t bang their knees, or drop too far to the ground.


Having 50mm of  band height, allows the band to “stick” better in place against the chair leg, reducing sliding/slipping or movement of the band.  Which means with the William Ready

Chair Bands, you don’t have to worry about constantly re-adjusting the back into position.

The stimulation provided in such as product is a very simple way to help keep children moving, without disrupting other children in the class, or simply to just provide the stimulation they need to help them concentrate on the task at hand.


William Ready Sensory Foot Band

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